Putování po Čechách se Stephanem, duben 2011

1st day
We spent the evening with people from Descafe. We had a nice dinner and played Bluff and Pitchcars.
2nd day
The trip was dangerous - we had to pass across the river ...
... without falling down.
Having a rest on a beautiful meadow "Nohavice".
Dášenka has run away (replaced by Stéphane).
Nice weather.
Dášenka is the main motor of our group (foto by Chit).
Crosses at Břízsko.
3rd day - west
Metternich's residence - typical german farm.
Radka knows (almost - correction by Radka) everything about Santini.
Mariánské lázně (spa) - building with many springs.
Souvenir shop and its happy customers.
Every regular visitor has his personal jug deposed behind the springs.
Forest spring - good for breathing problems and acustics.
Kolonáda shop - oplatky.
Rabštejn nad Střelou - smallest city in Europe ...
4th day - collonies
And than went together to Walhalla.
Whole group on Walhalla stairs with Walhalla game.
Beautiful Danube.
Another person named by a game.
5th day - south
... to get ready for the trip.
What is ahead? Our beautiful bow paddelers looking forward.
And we go to the snow.
Preparing a plan.
Battle with the water.
Second crew in action.
Český Krumlov.
old door with new bells
No photo please!
Vrbenské rybníky - lakes in southern Bohemia - Stephan is repairing the lake (as usual).
Island full of birds ...
... flying around and crying.
Wetlands - butterfly reservation.
Sixt day - trip to Eastern Bohemia. Typical Czech food - klobásy.
6th day - east
Radka explaining what is where (acting like semaphor).
Twins - one of many "statues" in rock massif.
Siberia - Show with sand and small passages betwean rocks.
Mayor and Mayoress (Starosta a Starostová) + us
Big waterfall
rocks + many more things were not photographed ....
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